Sally Gould


Quantum Consciousness sessions are offered for exploration as well as for healing and wisdom. You are encouraged to form an intention for the session. The intention can be open, such as To gain healing and wisdom to assist you realise your potential or it can be specific.

Realms of Quantum Consciousness

Journey through the expanding realms of consciousness

In each realm, other selves come forward to offer or receive healing and wisdom. There is always an energy exchange, allowing the vibration of all to be raised.  

In the Stored realm, your younger as well as future selves may come forward. There may be a need for healing and you'll gain insight and wisdom. In the Alternate realm, you'll meet other versions of yourself who made different life choices. This is particulary comforting when you have wondered what your life would be like if you had taken a different path. Healing and wisdom is also exchanged in the Parallel Realm (often referred to as 'past lives') where other selves have experienced very different lives. In the Interdimensional realm, you'll meet yourself in a different physical or energetic form from another dimension. This exchange provides a higher perspective and usually leads to a marked raising of consciousness. As you expand further into the Eternal, your experience is of being one with the universe. Here you'll rest in this extraordinary energy before receiving an overview of all you have experienced.

Every person's journey and experience is unique. Your session will reflect your individuality and may not unfold in this order. Quantum Consciousness sessions are usually undertaken by people who have experienced expanded states of awareness.  

Allow three hours for a Quantum Consciousness session and preferably quiet time to integrate afterwards.

Sessions cost $300. Appointments are available Monday to Saturday.



As of June 2021, I am taking a break from facilitating sessions.

In the Illawarra region of NSW and in Melbourne, there are many practitioners who will hold space for you to access the healing and wisdom of the highest aspect of yourself.



Location: Shell Cove, NSW