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Healing sessions

I had a strong aversion to eating carbohydrates, particularly rice and bread. After my session I had no problem eating carbohydrates without criticising myself. The success of that session brought me back to face other fears. Having a session for my fear of failure improved my confidence and reduced my anxiety. This has made a big difference at work in a competitive and stressful environment. These sessions have changed my thought patterns and had a great impact on me.

Nan W

I had a session with Sally after a tragedy that impacted my family. It helped me understand that I cannot take responsibility for other people's decisions in life. Everyone has free choice and I must allow others to make their own mistakes and not feel guilt. Sally was compassionate, understanding and professional. The session allowed me to gain perspective on my situation, which helped ease my pain.

Sue J

I can highly recommend Sally to help when you are struggling to identify issues that are affecting your life. My relationships definitely improved after having the hypnoenergetics sessions with Sally. Some of the things we dealt with were needing to be in control, not being good enough, forgiveness and fear of judgment. The process was interesting and enlightening and something I would not normally have contemplated. However I am very glad I embraced the process and can definitely recommend it for people trying to deal with difficult issues or when other avenues have not proved successful.

Sally H

Quote about Peace

Past Life sessions

I found my past life session deeply insightful, calming and moving. The experience has really helped me become a better healer, develop greater compassion and generated further connection to my life path. I'd highly recommend this to anyone interested in exploring and growing their self-awareness.

Matt S

Quantum Consciousness sessions

My Quantum Consciousness session with Sally was a truly moving experience. The opportunity for answers and wisdom around a long standing medical issue was amazing and yet so simple . . . it was just remembering who I was. There were several insights from the session that I realised easily and naturally. A very gentle process to help me release a physical and emotional block. Thank you so much Sally. Your beautiful voice guided me gently. I felt safe and secure with you by my side. I now feel at peace on a level that I have not experienced before.

Sharon T

I had a Quantum Consciousness session with Sally and the experience was profound. I could feel the energy running through my body long after the session ended. There was definitely a huge shift for me on all levels. I feel so connected to everything around me after the session and that is such a healing for me as it allows me to live my life from a very different perspective from now on. I would highly recommend this process to anyone who likes to explore or to experience first hand what it feels like to be in the awareness of other levels of your own consciousness. I am deeply grateful for such a wonderful gift Sally.

Doris D

If you ever want to give yourself advice from a different time and perspective, this is your chance! Sally explained the Quantum Consciousness process and ensured I felt comfortable and relaxed. She guided the journey with insight, skill and compassion. Her voice is gentle and easy to connect with.

Vannessa M

The experience was throughly relaxing and although it took 3 hours the process felt more like 1 hour. It took little or no effort on my behalf and it facilitated a thought provoking revelation about the person I am. This insightful experience has helped me to begin to understand and appreciate my self on a different level and has begun to open the door to many questions many of us tend to ask about different dimensions. I encourage you to take the time to participate in this journey.

Catherine A

I went to Sally about a month ago and I found the session an extremely positive and insightful experience. I was suffering from various illnesses, fatigue and was very unbalanced in my life. The session brought me back to why I was feeling/suffering these ailments and reminded me how to overcome them. Since my session I have been feeling so much better and my life is much more balanced. I would highly recommend this session to anybody feeling unwell mentally, spiritually or physically or anybody who wants to seek further information into their true selves. Fantastic experience and Sally is just wonderful!

Eliza C

QHHT sessions

I have experienced hypnotherapy in the past with other practitioners, so I thought I had an idea what might happen in Sally's session. I couldn't have been more wrong! My QHHT session with Sally was - quite simply - extraordinary. I was immediately impressed by how quickly and easily Sally was able to relax me and gently guide the process so that all my questions were answered and I came out of the session with a new-found confidence and hope for the future. But what made it so exciting for me was to make contact with my higher-self, to learn more about my true purpose on planet earth, and to know who my soul group is and where they come from. The healing of my various ailments was an added bonus! I highly recommend a QHHT session with Sally.

Gaynor F

Thanks Sally for the significant difference you've made to my life. After my session with you I've been able to get past the phobias that held me back for so long. The session was so enlightening and I was amazed at what you could bring out. I could not have wished for a better result. Many thanks Sally for all your help.

Paul C

I was so fortunate to have experienced a QHHT session with Sally a few days ago. She gently guided me through the process and the sound of her voice was absolutely divine. I felt supported and had so many realisations that have assisted me in overcoming many years of pain & discomfort. I am very grateful to her and the process of QHHT. I highly recommend her to anyone considering this wonderful experience. Thanks Sally.

Vikki E

I had my session with Sally just after I finished an 8 week NLP course with another person, and was keen to go even further so got in touch with Sally. Working with her was incredible. I got to dive even deeper into previous things I'd touched on and really get a grasp on the 'why' behind the 'why'. She was super easy to work with and relate to and got even more out of it than I thought. It was the learnings that I got about my health that told me my next path and from those learnings I've been able to make changes in my life to improve my health. It's incredible what the mind can do when guided so I'm very grateful. After the process Sally kept in touch with ideas for further healing. Tons of information about supplements and lifestyle changes, further people to see who may help and contacts I never would've known about. This was essentially a holistic path for me as it's changed where my next steps were going. Thanks so much.

Trish M

Thank you Sally, for holding such a safe, beautiful space during our session. It was an amazing experience to connect so deeply with my highest self and soul family. I am so grateful to have met such a loving, conscious being on my spiritual journey and I'm excited to hold high vibrational space with you again!

Mel F

Although I'd previously undergone counselling and found this very useful, I felt like something was still missing and I was still somehow withholding my deepest fears and the 'real me'. Thanks to Sally's calm and caring guidance, I was able to uncover many buried beliefs and old patterns that were holding me back. I left Sally's session feeling like I'd shed a heavy burden. The beauty of Sally's work is that the learnings and revelations go on well after the end of your session. It gives you a whole new way of viewing this life and beyond - and the precious and unique contribution we are here to make.

Lynette G





Location: Shell Cove, NSW