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In a Quantum Healing ("QHHT") session, clients access their Higher Self or, using Dolores Cannon's terminology, their Subconscious (the "SC"). This is the greater part of ourselves that knows everything about us and is able to heal our body. Under hypnosis, the client's SC decides what to show them. Usually it is a past life or multiple past lives where there is often a pattern. Sometimes the client will be shown events in their current lifetime. What is shown will be for the client's highest good at that time and this often relates to the answers and healing sought. After a past life, the client may wish to experience the life between lives dimension where a Guide and the soul group may be met and information obtained.

Then the client's SC is contacted to answer the client's questions, including the cause of health problems, and conduct any healing that the SC decides is appropriate. Firstly, the client must want to be healed. That is, be prepared to let go of any benefit they're receiving from experiencing the health problem. This includes having a limiting belief that they can't be healed. Second, any healing must not interfere with any lessons the soul set up prior to incarnation, including soul agreements with others. Third, since we create our own reality, healing won't be done if the client doesn't take care of their own body. For example, a diabetic won't be healed if their poor diet is the cause of the problem and they have no desire to change.

While a QHHT session takes between five to seven hours, it offers powerful healing and wisdom and only one session is required.

In the weeks after the QHHT session, clients may receive further information and opportunities that relate to their questions. So remaining receptive and aware is important.


To achieve the most from your session, focus on what you wish to discover and what you wish to heal. Prepare a list of up to fifteen questions that you would like the SC to answer as well as any health issues and bring the list with you. Most people like to ask about their life purpose and any issues, such as health, relationship, career and financial issues.  

The first part of the session involves talking about your life, including your childhood. For the second part, you will lie down covered by a blanket to ensure you are totally comfortable and can drift down to a theta brainwave state. This is the same state we experience just before we fall asleep and right after we wake. You will be guided to a past life or other time and place that is most appropriate as decided by the SC. That life is explored and the purpose of you being shown that lifetime is discovered. If the lifetime is short, other lifetimes might be shown or you might explore the spirit world. Then the SC is called to answer your questions and conduct the healing, as appropriate. You'll be in a trance state for about two hours, although it will seem like a short time to you. Finally, we have a conversation about your experience, which will assist with integration.

Allow five to seven hours for your session and preferably quiet time to integrate afterwards.

Sessions cost $490. Subsequent sessions cost $300. Appointments are available at 10am Monday to Saturday.

The session is recorded and sent to you electronically. You may also record it on your own device, but you cannot listen to it while driving.

Pains are Messengers-Rumi



As of June 2021, I am taking a break from facilitating sessions.

In the Illawarra region of NSW and in Melbourne, there are many practitioners who will hold space for you to access the healing and wisdom of the highest aspect of yourself.



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