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Healing with QHHT

The purpose of a QHHT session is to experience clear communication with the Higher Self (or Subconscious) and to receive healing and wisdom. Our Higher Self knows everything about us, including the cause of physical ailments and relationship issues.

Physical Ailments can be viewed as a message from our Higher Self. For example, arthritis in the hands is usually a message that someone or something is being held onto. When letting go occurs, there is no longer a need for the Higher Self to send the message.

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Finding your purpose with QHHT

Most clients ask about their life purpose when they have their QHHT session. Dolores Cannon calls it "the eternal question". Sometimes it is the primary reason a client has a session.

Often clients tell me in the initial interview that they think one thing is their purpose, but when they are under hypnosis their Higher Self says something completely different. Sometimes their purpose was something they were passionate about as a child and most of the time it involves helping others.

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Twin Flame & Soul Mate relationships

We know that everything in the universe emits a frequency, including people. We also know the saying, Opposites attract. While Soul Mates and Twin Flames may have similar values, beliefs or interests, they emit opposing frequencies. Twin Flames, being the energetic masculine and feminine of the one soul, emit perfectly opposite frequencies. Before looking at what this means for our intimate relationships, we need to understand our fundamental need as human beings to feel safe and unconditionally loved.

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Transforming subconscious programming

Why are intimate relationships harmonious for the first few years and then we begin to notice all the annoying and habits and qualities of our partner? Once we feel comfortable with our partner, we relax and our subconscious programming takes over. You know when you blurt out something and you realise you sound exactly like your mother or father. Sometimes this won't cause tension or conflict in a relationship, but sometimes it will.  

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Are you a Starseed?

Starseeds are souls from higher dimensions who have incarnated on Earth for the purpose of raising the consciousness of humanity. A challenging task on a planet where there is war, slavery, oppression, poverty, destruction of the planet - let alone that a very small percentage of the population control almost all the wealth.  

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A Galactic Hero

This article outlines the lifetime shown by the client's Higher Self. It follows a Yellow Avian from a higher dimension, who saves the population of his planet with the help of another race, the Blue Avians. Both races form a strong bond. Subsequently, the Yellow Avian travels into the future to decide if he'll incarnate on Earth in another lifetime. He also reveals what it is like when his consciousness leaves his body.  

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